Refund and Returns Policy

Return policy

Return process requirements
Proof of purchase (order number, invoice, etc.)
The reason for the return must be in accordance with the terms of acceptance of the returns
How to retrieve the value of the product that suits you, and any additional information that follows (ID number for example in the case of a cashback).
Please contact customer service so the maintenance team can set an appointment to check weather the product has a production damage and can take a quick solution within 24 hours if you received a damaged / incomplete product during the shipping process. In this case all products are returned in addition to the attached free gifts. If all products are not returned, the return process will be rejected
We will check the product to be returned. If it is found that there are no damages resulting from misuse, the value of the product will be refunded in the manner suitable for you. The response will be made within a maximum of 3-5 days after the relevant team receives the returned product.
If during the inspection it was found that the product to be returned is free from the reason stated in your request, the value will not be refunded and the product will be returned to you.

Terms of return of products
In the case of a fully finished product being returned (the product is received in its original condition) and if this condition is not met, the return is not met

If a wrong product arrives, what happens?
We apologize to you in the event of this error. In the event of receiving the product, you can return the order up to 30 days in case the product is defective.

Refund Policy
1. In case of being fully unsatisfied with a product you have bought, Siltal shall be pleased to pay you back only the value of the product you bought – as its discretion – within 30 days from the date of the refund request, in consistent with the stipulated items in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act below.
2. All products shall be refunded in full in its original boxes, packages or cases, provided that it shall be accompanied with all the original parts / documents, if the product is not refunded with its package or case, or in case of missing any other part or document, the product shall not be accepted as a refund.
3. In the case that the customer wants to replace the item with a higher capacity or retrieval, the customer will bear the value of shipping expenses (300 pounds outside Cairo & Giza – 150 pounds inside Cairo & Giza), according to Article 40, paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Consumer Protection Law, within a maximum period of 14 days only from the date of receipt.
4. The paid amount will be returned to the same card used in the purchase, and may take up to 30 days to return the amount again.

1. Warrantee conditions shall not be applied on the defects resulted from misuse or the maintenance outside the company, or the defects resulted from actions or modifications carried out by a third party who is not authorized to carry out such acts or amendments, or on any damage caused by the customer, whether casually or deliberately.
2. In case of removing the warranty sticker, the warranty shall be void.
3. As the customer accepts the bill, the customer shall declare his acceptance that all the parts are in good condition and that he accepts all the warranty conditions stipulated above.
Updated 08-01-2024